Celebrating 10 years

DesignMarch is Iceland’s most important annual design festival. The festival’s tenth edition will take place 15.-18. March 2018, transforming the most northerly capital in the world into one big venue for design.

The programme for the upcoming festival will be announced in February 2018. Until then, check out what went on in the last edition. 

We are open for applications!

From fashion to furniture, architecture to food design, the festival showcases the best of the local design scene alongside exciting international names. DesignMarch hosts an expected 100 or so events and exhibitions organised by around 400 designers and architects.  

 Please read on if you would like to participate next DesignMarch.  

Thirsty for some DesignMarch news?

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DesignTalks is the opening seminar of DesignMarch. It's a day filled with inspirational talks by leading international design creatives on the relevance and impact of design. DesignTalks will take place for the ninth time on 15. March 2018 at Harpa, Music and Conference Centre. 

The next edition’s theme and speakers line up will be announced early 2018. 

Until then you might want to brows the most recent programme, where we felt it was time to explore our relationship with nature - with each other - and ourselves, with speakers including Paul Bennett, Christien Meindertsma and Alexander Taylor.

Design Diplomacy

This new addition to the DesignMarch programme takes you to the diplomatic circles. In this concept, designed by Helsinki Design Week and first launched in 2016, we invite you to the diplomats’ residences for a series of design-centred discussions. 

With Design Diplomacy you get a chance to enter normally unexplored terrains. Ambassadors open the door to their manors, where they hold discussion events.  Rather than this being usual moderated panel talks, in this series of events, designer from the hosting country meets an Icelandic designer for a game of question cards. Specially designed deck of cards is used to moderate and spark the discussion. Topics reflect upon design as an intercultural exchange. 

The programme for Design Diplomacy 2018 will be announced early 2018. Until then you might want to see who was involved last DesignMarch.

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DesignMatch pairs local designers with international design producers, retailers, curators, journalists, and other design actors..

Why partake: DesignMatch is a concept which allows for easy exploration of new ideas from the Icelandic design scene. We arrange for designers and suitable industry partners to meet under one roof.  We pick a date, we matchmake, we bring everyone together. New concepts find curators, curators find new concepts. It all happens on one of the festival’s days so there's enough time left to explore the remaining program too. 

For Icelandic designers, DesignMatch gives a unique opportunity to network and pitch ideas to the potential future (leading international) collaborators.

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