DesignTalks is a day filled with inspirational talks by international designers, architects and creative thought leaders. It is the opening event of Design March, the annual Icelandic design festival, which in 2018 is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

On that occasion, DesignTalks 2018 will be celebrating design’s power and potential to contribute to every aspect of society, lifting our gaze towards the future and emphasizing nascent ideas of the emerging generation of creatives from all over the world.

DesignTalks will present a wide spectrum of speakers on current topics and challenges, shedding light on the power of design to tackle them, and, even more importantly: in order for societies and mother earth to benefit from our full potential we put our ears to the ground to grasp what’s ahead.

It’s a call for action! Let’s do something good. Together.

The Design Talks is an event for professionals from all fields and an excellent platform for establishing new and exciting collaborations. Since the beginning we’ve enjoyed an ever-growing audience, reaching around 700 people in the past couple of years. It’s international reach has been reflected in the good number of fantastic speakers including Bjarke Ingels of BIG, Winy Maas, Studio Swine, Calvin Klein, Eley Kishimoto, Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh, Marti Guixé, Studio Swine, Anthony Dunne of Dunne & Raby, Marije Vogelzang, Paul Bennett of IDEO, Robert Wang of Google Cre­ative Lab and many more.

DesignTalks is organised by the Iceland Design Centre in collaboration with the City of Reykjavik and Arion Bank.

Your morning cup of coffee from Kaffitár is included in the ticket price. You can buy tickets to DesignTalks here.


DesignTalks 2018 Program

DesignTalks 2018 is curated by Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir, who will also moderate the event together with IDEO’s Chief Creative Officer, Paul Bennett. The speakers list for DesignTalks 2018 will be revealed here in the weeks to come.

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Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir
Curator of DesignTalks

Hlin Helga is an independent curator and designer, and most recently a consultant to companies on design thinking at consultancy firm Capacent. She has over the past decade been involved in education and research at Universities around the world. Hlin focuses on facilitating, initiating and leading dialogues and interdisciplinary collaborations for meaningful innovation through design, and often curates international exhibitions and conferences to that end. Hlin is also a fellow at the Think Tank W.I.R.E. 

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Paul Bennett — IDEO 

Paul Bennett is the Chief Creative Officer at IDEO, a global design company who’s work has inspired the world of design to apply its creative skills to tackle complex challenges towards improving societies at large. No topic is untouched, weather it being education, mobility, transport or redefining ageing as in one of their most recent project; The Powerful Now. Paul Bennett is regularly invited to speak at major forums, including The World Economic Forum and his thought leadership published in a range of influential media, including: The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Harvard Business Review and The Guardian. Paul will also be moderating DesignTalks 2017.

DesignTalks is the keynote event of DesignMarch, Iceland’s annual design festival. The seminar is produced by Iceland Design Centre with support from the City of Reykjavik and Arion Bank.