Exhibiting at DesignMarch

DesignMarch is a melting pot and a venue for various collaborations and experiments between local and international designers. With all fields of design represented in the festival program and the entire city as a venue for the event, there are endless opportunities for exhibitions, workshops and other events.

Participation Fees

For a designer/exhibitor

ISK 15.000 Per Designer/exhibitor    

ISK 7.500 Members of the Iceland Design Centre design associations - 50% discount

Each designer (or brand) exhibiting at the premises of e.g. another company, gallery or in a museum (i.e. not at own venue) pays this fee.

For a venue or a curated exhibition

ISK 39.000 Fee for a hosting venue or a curated exhibition    

ISK 19.500 A hosting venue owned by a member of the Iceland Design Centre design associations - 50% discount

ISK 15.000 Student exhibition 

A hosting venue refers to the premises of a company, museum or association exhibiting own work or hosting exhibitions by others. A curated exhibition refers to a design exhibition where the choice of exhibition scope and objects is determined by a curator, instead of by the initiative of the objects’ designers.

Student exhibition refers to an exhibition by collegian designers and architects from acknowledged design faculties.

Meetings for participants

Iceland Design Centre organizes open meetings for all participants. The meetings serve as a platform in which practical issues and questions can be addressed in a cozy atmosphere.  

See when next meeting is scheduled here.