Where do I apply for participation?

Here is where you apply to participate in DesignMarch. We however strongly advise you read through the information below before you get going.

What are the advantages of partaking in DesignMarch?

There are numerous great reasons for partaking in DesignMarch. We encourage you to read about a few of them here.

Who can participate?

  • designers, architects, studios, and offices
  • companies that base their operations on design or architecture
  • companies that sell designs or design products
  • cultural institutions, museums and galleries that stand for, or host, a design exhibition or event
  • educational institutes of design and architecture

How are the exhibitions and events selected?

For DesignMarch 2018, a six members selection committee* will review applications for participation and select exhibitions and events that will be featured at the festival. About 100 performances and events will be on schedule.
The guiding light for the committee is to make a professional and focused programme presenting impressive and interesting projects of high quality appealing to different target groups.

The projects will be grouped by these emphases:
a)  ambitious and professionally curated projects/projects assigned by galleries or official exhibition spaces.
b) experimental, original or innovative projects
c) projects with business as a primary objective
d) studio visits / open house
e) forums, seminars and discussions

Note! A selection of exhibitions and events will be given special attention to in all promotional material. The selection committee will decide which projects will be given the spotlight, including in the DesignMarch brochure, social media, newsletters and on the website. All applicants will be considered for selection.
* The selection committee is made up of the DesignMarch Board, the Festival Manager, Programme Coordinator and a member appointed by the Iceland Academy of the Arts.


How do I apply to participate?

The process is in two parts, first one must apply for participation and following approval one is required to register the event.

  1. Submit the idea of the exhibition/event through the application form for DesignMarch here. We are open for applications from November 20 through January 15.
  2. Response from the selection committee will be received no later than February 1.
  3. If you receive an approval for participation in DesignMarch you will be given access to for uploading promotional material (text, photos, videos) on the exhibition/event. The website will be open from February 2 through February 20.

What should the application include?

An application explains the idea, objective and content of the exhibition/event and outlines the framework, agenda and what makes the project unique, interesting and professional. The application is your pitch. Tell the committee why the exhibition/event should be a part of DesignMarch. Other practical information is also requested. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications in a timely manner, as applications will be reviewed on a regular basis and responses regarding participation will be sent out at least twice during the period.

  • Open for applications from November 20 to 15 January
  • Response from the selection committee will be received by February 1

My application got approved - What next?

Once your application has been approved, you will be given a web access to where you can enter text and visuals about the exhibition/event. The sooner you upload your material, the better. The Programme site for DesignMarch is frequently visited by the festival attendees.

  • Response from the selection committee received no later than February 1
  • The deadline for registration of promotional material on is February 20 *

* You will be able to edit and add information to your website after it has been published.

Does DesignMarch provide venues for events / exhibitions?

Exhibitors are responsible for finding a venue for events/exhibitions. However, the DesignMarch team is willing and able to help. We can advise on optimal exhibition spots and/or hook you up with local designers - because we are all here to network.

Where can I contact designers within my field?

The Iceland Design Centre design associations cover all fields of design. Here are contacts to their chairmen/project managers: Association of Icelandic Architects Aðalheiður Atladóttir / the Icelandic Society of Furniture and Interior Architects Andrés Björnsson / the Federation of Icelandic Landscape Architects Berglind Guðmundsdóttir / the Association of Icelandic Product and Industrial Designers Brynhildur Pálsdóttir / the Icelandic Association of Ceramic Artists Eygló Benediktsdóttir / the Association of Icelandic Fashion Designers Guðrún Sturludóttir / the Icelandic Textile Guild Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir / the Icelandic Goldsmith's Association Olga Perla Nielsen / and the Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers Iona Sjöfn Huntingdon-Williams

What do I pay for participation?


ISK 15.000 Per Designer/exhibitor
ISK 7.500 Members of the Iceland Design Centre design associations - 50% discount
Each designer (or brand) exhibiting at the premises of e.g. another company, gallery or in a museum (i.e. not at own venue) pays this fee.

Venue and curated exhibitions

ISK 39.000 Fee for a hosting venue or a curated exhibition
ISK 19.500 A hosting venue owned by a member of the Iceland Design Centre design associations - 50% discount
A hosting venue refers to the premises of a company, museum or association exhibiting own work or hosting exhibitions by others. A curated exhibition refers to a design exhibition where the choice of exhibition scope and objects is determined by a curator, instead of by the initiative of the objects’ designers.

Student exhibitions/events

ISK 15.000 Student exhibition
Student exhibition refers to an exhibition by collegian designers and architects from acknowledged design faculties.


The venues are not organized or rented out by the Iceland Design Centre. Prices for exhibition spaces varies and must be discussed with the owner of the space in question. 

What is DesignMatch and how do I partake?

DesignMatch pairs local designers with international design producers, retailers, curators, journalists, and other design actors. If this fits your description, we encourage you to read on here.

Where can I get more information on DesignMarch?

The Iceland Design Centre organizes open meetings for all DesignMarch applicants/participants. The meetings serve as a platform in which practical issues and questions can be addressed in a cozy atmosphere. See when the next meeting is scheduled here. The DesignMarch team is also happy to help at or +354 771 2200.

What dates should I jot down in my calendar?

November 20   Open for applications -  DesignMarch
January 15       Closed for applications - DesignMarch
February 1        Last day of selections and feedback from the selection committee - DesignMarch
March 15          DesignMarch officially opens with the DesignTalks seminar in Harpa. Note that many of the exhibitions open prior to the official opening.
March 16          DesignMatch takes place