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Design Diplomacy x Finnish Embassy


Finnish Ambassador's Residence
Hagamelur 4
107 Reykjavík

22.03 | 20:00

Laura Väinölä
Sigurður Oddsson

This new addition to the DesignMarch programme takes you to the diplomatic circles.

In this concept, created by Helsinki Design Week and first launched in 2016, we invite you to the diplomats’ residences for a series of design-centred discussions.

Valtteri Hirvonen, the Ambassador of Finland in Reykjavik has invited two designers - Laura Väinölä (FIN) and Siggi Odds (ISL) for a conversation powered by a specially designed game of question cards.

You can have a sneak-peek of the venue here.

Drinks and snacks will be provided and you'll have a chance to speak to the designers and other guests once the card game is finished in an informal mingling session.

Please note, because of the limited space, only registered guests will be admitted to the event.


Laura Väinölä combines graphic design, marketing, design, and creative ideas. She has received Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year 2016 award. She graduated from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences' Design School in 2010, after which she has expanded her field of action from graphic design to 3D spatial design and event planning. Her works can be described to be multisensory. Her CV is versatile, to say the least; she has styled fashion articles for magazines, designed a seat and a Christmas calendar, and founded a service called Elsa Eventful. She is also the brand director of Pre Helsinki fashion organisation and the creative director of photo and video agency Duotone. So far, Laura’s most well-known project is her virtual flower shop Flora & Laura, founded in 2013. It is an example of her 3D design.

Sigurður Oddsson, known as Siggi Odds, is an Icelandic designer and illustrator, currently living and working in Reykjavik. He works primarily with the music, fashion, and culture industries in a variety of styles and disciplines. He is known for his experimental approach to design, and works to expand his visual vocabulary in a multitude of mediums.

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