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Erna Bergmann

Seljavegur 2
101 Reykjavík

Opening event
23.03 | 21:00 - 23:00

Store open from 20:30

Fashion designer and stylist Erna Bergmann presents a quintessential yet sustainable swimsuit line manufactured in Italy from recycled materials collected in the same region, thus limiting the production’s carbon footprint.

Swimslow is the new sustainable swimsuit label founded and designed by Erna Bergmann. The swimsuits - Swimslow are designed in Iceland and manufactured in Italy from recycled materials. The materials are sourced and produced in the the same region in Italy with a focus on minimum impact on the environment. Swimslow emphasizes on enjoying being in the moment and respect for the environment. The swimsuits are classic and of effortless scale and embrace the female body in all it's forms without being too sexy or too sporty. The swimsuits are made of sustainable materials and selection and attention is paid to every detail of design and production. Swimslow attaches great importance to make women feel good and the transparency of the entire production process - or by drawing to the final product. 

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